Remembrance is a mutli floor immersive sound installation and theater sound system designed specifically for Linked Dance Theater to be used for Remembrance. The system uses one computer syncing over 20 channels of audio streaming in real time to each of the 10 rooms of the house.   A master clock/timeline tracks the shows cueing actors and scene changes. There are also a number of interactive audio features including hyper localized sound situations which only a few audience members can experience at a time, as well as an interactive sound sculpture, "sonic painting".  Each room is outfitted with it's own sound system hidden within the walls and set design of the house. Wherever you explore within Remembrance there is always a sonic memory to accompany you. The music for Remembrance was composed by Brendan Littlefield with sound design and implementation by Monte Weber 

- Monte Weber 

Sonic Painting- 

Sound installation open throughout the show used by both the actors and audience. Pressure on canvas creates sound. 

-created by Monte Weber 

   Remembrance is the story of a woman who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Part free, educational art installation and part ticketed, immersive show, this program will explore the fracturing memories of Margaret. Come discover her mind on your own time or help celebrate Margaret’s 65th birthday as one of her close friends or family members – either way, visitors will witness the process of forgetting and what happens when our minds are no longer our own.

-Linked Dance Theater 

The Control Station